Terms & Conditions

You acknowledge that you have read and understood the meaning and accepted these Terms when making a donation or purchase to Minex Network through the Minex Store. Minex Network and its owner reserve the right to change these terms.

To submit an order for a product or service at Minex Network, you must be 18 years of age or alternatively have a parent’s consent.

Withdrawal / Refund
As for all orders at Minex Network, the right of withdrawal expires once the product has been activated. In the event where the packages have not yet been credited, customers have the right to withdraw for 14 days from the date the transaction was completed. The easiest way to claim their right of withdrawal is to contact the administration at Minex Network via Support on this website.

Changes / Improvements
Minex Network reserves the right to change the names and contents of ranks, packages and goods. This in order to change our business in the direction we believe will make the server a better place for our users. This can be done without warning.

Minex Network and its owner will always maintain the right to shut down the server. If such a decision was made, the services / goods will lose all value. Any repayment of those goods or services will then not occur.

Access to Minex SMP
The right to terminate user access to Minex SMP server without any specific reason is reserved for Minex Network and its owner. This may be due to violations of the rules of the game or terms of use. It may also depend on the user’s behavior.

User access restrictions / terminations
If you behave in a careless manner, against others or against the server’s staff, violate the terms of use, the rules of the game or prevent Minex Network and its owners from developing the server, you will be banned (blocked) from using our services. All users have an obligation to comply with our rules, whether one has donated or not.