Privacy Policy

What is a privacy policy?

A privacy policy informs of what data we save about you, what use we have of that information, for how long we store it aswell as what rights you have to it.

Which data is stored?

  • – When you comment on posts or documents – we store the mail address, the name aswell as the comment itself entered in the respective fields.
  • – When you live chat at the bottom right of the web page – we store the name and mail address entered in the respective fields aswell as your IP-address.
  • – When visiting our website we save your IP-address.
  • – When you state your username, cookies saves it so that you don’t have to type it everytime you visit the store. This data is stored on your computer in a small file – not in any of our databases.
  • – When you make a purchase we save your username, E-mail, name and what you purchased.
  • – When using Swish to pay we save your Swish number.
  • – Note that information about your payment details or other data is saved at PayPal and Tebex Limited. We do not have any access to this information.

What use do we have of this information?

  • – When you comment on posts or documents – so that we can block your email in the event that you have written comments that violate our Terms of Use. The name is saved in case a police report needs to be made. The comment is saved both to display it on the site but also to use it for legal reasons.
  • – When you live chat at the bottom right of the page – IP-address is saved so we can follow up on a previous chat and block violations of user terms. E-mail is saved for the same reason as IP-address. Your given nickname is saved along with IP-address and E-mail so you don’t have to change every time you start a live chat. The chat is saved both for legal reasons in a police report but also on the internet to evaluate how our staff handles their work.
  • – When you go to the site, we save your IP address. – We do this to be able to block IP addresses that have violated our terms of use or Swedish / European law.
  • – When you make a purchase – For us to contact the customer.
  • – When choosing Swish as a payment method – For us to follow up the payment and approve when the payment has been received.

For how long is this data stored?

All data stored on is encrypted and stored for a maximum of 365 days. Data stored on is handled by Tebex Limited and we have no control over it.

Your rights

You can request to obtain all information we store about you under European law. If so, contact us at Requesting this information can take up to 30 days due to that it needs to be done manually.