Law of Minex Network

When you play on Minex or use our Discord server, you need to follow these rules. If you don't, we have the right to banish you, even if you've donated or supported us otherwise. Owners and Head administrators reserve the right to ban users without the support of the regulations.

Chap §1. General rules

The Law on Communication is broken by ...

A. Anyone who; expresses sexism or racism, bullies, harasses or encourages others to offend.

B. Anyone who does not use more cared-for language during the period 07:00 - 22:00. (Sex, drugs, alcohol and gross profanity are examples of discussions to be avoided during these times.)

C. Who sends links to other minecraft servers. (IP address, website or Discord).

D. Who floods the chat or uses capital letters only.

E. Who publishes other users private information. (for example, address, social security number, telephone number and such)

F. Anyone who uses languages ​​other than English or Swedish.

G. Anyone who does not respect staff referrals and statements. What a staff member says is to be taken very seriously. Do not trigger / destroy their work. Do not abuse support, helpop or other contact with the staff.

The Law of Modifications is broken by ...

A. The one who uses modifications to improve their prestige or performance in the game. This applies to both third-party software and hardware. For example, xray, auto clicker, nodus, flyhacks, speedhacks, auto-soup, auto-pot and such. The following modifications are allowed:

Graphics mod (shaders, optifine, etc.)
Mini map mod

The Law of Server Propert is broken by ...

A. Anyone who destroys the services operations. (for example, data breaches, looting of spawn area, crashing servers and such)

B. Anyone who builds AFK machines or other builds in the purpose of degrading server performance.

C. Anyone who exploits a bug or system error. (If you suspect that something is a bug, you must report it. You may not use a bug or system error even though you suspect it may be so, always talk to staff first.)

D. The person who copies parts of the network's organization, structure or design for his or her own commercial use.

The Law of Alternative accounts is broken by ...

A. The person playing at Minex even though he or she has been suspended (banned) on another account.

B. The person who actively plays on more than 3 accounts simultaneously to increase own gain.

The Law of Business is broken by ...

A. The person selling goods or favors on the server for "real money". (Only Minex Network and Minex Store are allowed to do this.)

Chap §2. Discord rules

The law of Bots is broken by ...

A. Anyone who spammes commands or uses the bots to disturb or provoke.

The law of Voice Communications is broken by ...

A. Anyone who screams, blows or has a very loud pitch.

B. The one who constantly switches between different voice channels in order to disturb.

C. Anyone who uses software or hardware to change their voice for a distracting purpose.

D. Anyone who uses languages ​​other than English or Swedish.

Chap §3. Towny

The Law of Farms is broken by ...

A. Whoever builds or does not report the following farms:
- Gold farm
- Iron Golem / Iron farm
- Fishing farm
- Enderman farm
- Cobblestone Generator

The Law of Assassination is broken by ...

A. The player who kills other players as follows:

- Teleportation.
- Scamming or false statements.
- Just outside a town.
- Right after the player has logged on to the server.
- Just after the player was teleported through a portal.
- Traps

The Law of Damage is broken when ...

A. Anyone destroys or takes things from others in or just outside a town (land that obviously belongs to the town). However, Mayors and Assistants in town's are allowed to demolish constructions that do not follow the town's rules.

B. Anyone who deletes a town or nation where the majority of residents do not consent. (When deleting a town / nation, residents must be well informed via, for example, a private message on Discord, an email message or a conversation. The majority of residents must be able to give their consent.)

The Law of Urban Management is broken ...

A. When a town's own rules do not follow the official server rules.

B. When the town rules are not centrally located in the town, not easily read or not visible from the town's spawn. (The rules should be clear and difficult to misinterpret).

C. When anyone puts titles or ownership of a town or nation on a player without the player's consent.

The Law of Private Property is broken by ...

A. Anyone who goes into private property (land claimed by players or mayors) if the landowner does not allow it.

The Law of Finances is broken by ...

A. Whoever deceives others on Coins by, for example: raising the tax without warnings, selling items in large clusters on the Auction House with an item that is significantly more expensive than the others, scamming and such.

B. Anyone who renames, falsifies or attempts to confuse objects with things contained in kits or crates without having the same abilities as the originals.

Chap §4. Creative

The Law of WorldEdit and Voxelsniper is broken by ...

A. Anyone who uses WorldEdit or VoxelSniper for a destructive purpose, to destroy or to reduce server performance.

The Law of Entities is broken by ...

A. Anyone who has unnecessarily many Animals or Entities on their plot, causing major server performance issues.

Chap §5. Minigames

The Law of Equality is broken ...

A. When more than 2 players work together to eliminate / knock out other players.

Chap §6. Deathmatch

The Law of Teaming is broken ...

A. When more than 2 players work together to eliminate opponents.

The Law of Targeting is broken by ...

A. Anyone who repeatedly focuses on killing only one specific player in order to ruin his or her gaming experience.