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Here's the most you need, BUT!

We have tried to squeeze in all the necessary information that most people need directly on the website to simplify the support work, But! If there is something you are wondering about, and have not received an answer for via the website, you can contact us via the following options or post a search and see if there is an article hidden somewhere on the website with the information you are looking for.

Contact us

Writing to an active Moderator is effective when you are logged in to the minecraft server if you want an answer right away. Remember not to disclose any personal information when this is done publicly.

Another effective way is to contact us via Discord. Send a private message to someone in our team or write publicly in the #support channel if you do not need to provide private information.

You can send us an email if you feel more comfortable with that.

You can always write to us on Instagram or leave an open comment on one of our posts!